The Sugar Daddy…..

So, where were we… oh right…. I was coming home from Spring Break and leaving clothes behind in the hotel room just so I could fit all of my hard earned beads on the boardwalk….. Right.

Now I have to find a way to tell my boss how his camera got stolen.

My boss, well, let’s just say he’s a very unhappily married man. One who made millions of dollars within the company that he owned, lived in a mansion, and thought he was “The Man”, when really, he was pretty much a troll with cash.  Anywho, he enjoyed my stories and told me some of his own, which were quite interesting to say the least. Then came the proposition….


Long story short, my boss was very easy to please. I’d let him get a boob grab from time to time, which led to me performing oral sex for cash. He never offered me money for favors, I just earned him spoiling me. It got quite uncomfortable after some time because he started becoming aggressive, and made it uncomfortable when I would reject him, or if I wanted to start dating someone. Him and I only had sex once. He gave me money to rent a hotel room, money to buy the finest at Victoria’s Secret, which the real secret is that I got something cute on clearance at a local department store and pocketed the rest of the cash.  We met up, and 10 minutes later he was gone, leaving money and a ball of cocaine behind. Yeah, I guess I felt almost like a prostitute, but hey, he wasn’t a stranger to me so I almost “justified” it.  It became so overwhelming when his advances became stronger. I was uncomfortable because he had cameras everywhere in the office, including in his office where I’d perform my oral treats. This guy was becoming sexually intense where, he’d be asking me to stick my finger in his ass at the same time. Nothing made him cum quicker. A new car stereo, clothes, money…. all for a few minutes of my time during the week. Not too shabby.

Eventually it became harassment and I had to find a way outta there. He was pulling some shady moves at work in regards to some of his employees that I knew it was only a matter of time that a lawsuit was going to erupt somewhere. And it did. And luckily I got out in time.

Shortly after, I found out his son was more of a freak than HE was.

I saw his son at a local bar with a female friend, who was discussing an adult sex toy party that she would be attending. We started talking about toys, scenarios, etc.  A few weeks later, his son showed up at my apartment begging me to fuck him with a strap on….. Yeah, so what. I did it. I didn’t get anything from him in return though.