….The Hot Tub Experience

So there we were. Me and the birthday girl that I had known for years through school and we hung out here and there. Really nice girl, but a little wacky. I can’t put my finger on what it was about her but she always seemed a little, “off”.  As I sat on Jake’s couch next to his roommate, (Jake was vacationing in another country at the time) and she sat on the loveseat,  she casually says to me “You’ve kissed a girl before, right? What’s it like?” Now I can’t remember what exactly we were talking about that inspired her to ask me that. I’ve kissed plenty of girls before and had no problem discussing it. I’ve always been attracted to women. I had never gone further than kissing, but that’s only because I really didn’t know how to initiate anything smoothly and was afraid I’d freak the girl out. All the girls I’ve made out with was all pretty much under the same circumstances…. drunkenness. Which for ME, I’d think that would be the BEST time to take it another step and blame it on the alcohol the next day if the other person had regrets.  It was usually me making some sort of joke like that their boyfriend better watch out for me, or if they were single, I’d say something like we should just ‘totally date each other because I’d do you’ and play it from there.

Anyway, so I told her it’s no different than kissing a man, just a little more sensual and I’d be willing if she was willing. She came over and I kissed her for about a good 30 seconds. I looked over at the roomie and told him to start up the hot tub. All three of us ended up in there and them two started making out and I proceeded to go down on her. All I kept thinking is “Oh my god, is this really happening right now?”As I continued alternating between oral sex and finger foreplay, I don’t know if she really knew how to respond to all this and I tried not to be too pushy because I didn’t want her to flake out.  Obviously since I was the first girl she’s kissed, all of this other stuff was new to her as well. I couldn’t let her know what I wanted in return, because I didn’t wanna fuck it up. I quickly got a little bored and stepped aside. He had a glass shower in the bathroom as well so I showered while watching him fuck my friend. It was pretty hot, but weird how I was so casual about it after I got out the shower. Going into the kitchen to mix myself a drink, do a line and try to process my surroundings. Now looking back, I shoulda been more involved and taken advantage of this opportunity.  But she was kinda dull, and I’d much rather it be a female that can be just as feisty as myself and reciprocate.

The next morning, we went back to her place (just her and I). She lived with her mother, but her mother was also out of town.  Although being hungover, I still thought, hey, maybe this’ll be a second shot at this experience. With her mind more clear, I payed close attention of how she acted to ensure that this didn’t freak her out or ruin our relationship. She asked me to stay with her and go back to sleep.  I stayed, we did kiss  and touch a little bit, but that was it. We ended up falling asleep snuggling with each other.

The next thing I knew, I had myself a Stage 5 Clinger.

Her and I would go out to the club and I’d be talking to my guy friends and she’d get upset and tell them that they better know that I’m going home with her. She started trying to make out with me in front of guys just to get the guys attention. She was constantly up my ass (not literally) with everything and an emotional mess which I had to wean this girl off due to her annoyance.

At least I got to have somewhat of an experience that I was interested in having. It’s funny in a way since the best friend of the guy I had lost my virginity to spread a nasty rumor in high school that we had a threesome, which was not true, and I spent so much time trying to set the story straight, and then years later, it was something that I actually wanted to experience. I never really saw that girl again since she moved to New York with her family. She’s reached out to me on facebook, but that’s it.  As for the roomie, as we discussed the hot tub stuff, I had told him that was the farthest I had gone with a girl, and he had confessed that he had this huge crush on Jake and that they’ve hooked up quite a bit and that it was a huge secret.. Wow. Jake was a dead end road, and I’m pretty sure there was no way I’d end up sandwiched between Jake and the roomie.  From my sexcapade with Jake prior, it wouldn’t have even been worth it……


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